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The Dalai Lama wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye

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I worked all weekend, pretty much, so I didn’t have a chance to go see the Dalai Lama speak.

On Sunday, I woke up late. I had intended to get into work by 11, but I didn’t leave for work until about 12.

I walked about two blocks before figuring out that I had forgotten my security card to get into the building. I started back for it.

When I got to my apartment, I figured I might as well take out the recycling.

This meant that I went around to the back of the building to drop the recycling off. As I was headed back to the front, I saw two people carrying coffee cups from Uptown Coffee. That made me really want coffee, and since I was already late, I figured I might as well get some before I went to work.

As I was walking toward Uptown Coffee, a motorcycle cop pulled up out of nowhere to stop traffic. He let me walk across the street but stopped all vehicle traffic.

Someone asked him, “Is this for the Dalai Lama?”

And I don’t know what the cop answered but I knew that it was. I stopped walking and waited by the side of the street.

Soon, fifteen or twenty motorcycle cops sped around the corner and drove by. They were followed by the Dalai Lama motorcade, and I didn’t know which car the Dalai Lama was in, but I suddenly felt happy.