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The 12 in 12 Project

In 2013, I attempted to release 12 book-length products in 12 months. I ended up completing nine. A brief summary of how the project went is here. Naturally I wasn’t doing the project entirely on my own–I had the help of 12 in 12 Art Director Charlie Potter, many volunteer editors, a way of thought called Crash thinking, and publishers like Emergency Press and Timid Pirate, who embraced the contemporary world of book publishing and backed titles in this project. Thanks to this fabulous team of people, I was able to finish 9 titles within 12 months.

Works Released: 9

The Minute [ebook]


 The Minute is about April Colson, who is stuck reliving the same minute over and over again. In 2021, April volunteers for a time travel experiment in which she gets to relive one minute of her life from 10 years ago. She would happily relive any moment from the past in which her now-deceased wife is still alive, but the minute she gets to revisit is even sweeter than usual: it’s a short moment of peace before the day of their wedding in 2011. However, when something goes wrong and the minute keeps repeating itself, April must find a way to break the cycle before the scientists pull the plug on the experiment and end her life.

Just the War, Just the Peace [ebook: Amazon, Apple, B&N]

 Just the War, Just the Peace, from Emergency Press

 Just the War and Just the Peace (published by Emergency Press in one bargain-priced volume) are both an homage to Tolstoy as well as works of social commentary on literature and war. Created by separating Tolstoy’s original work into two volumes (the war parts and the peace parts), these two stand-alone novels present the text from Tolstoy’s classic in an entirely new light. This is an exciting and innovative way to experience Tolstoy’s most famous work!

Just the War is Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace without the peace. Napoleon invades, Moscow is torched, and on the rare occasion that someone has a party, all anyone does at the party is talk about the war.

Just the Peace is Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace without the war. Characters fall in love, marry, and die. They have parties where they talk about who is in love, who is marrying, and who is dying. Napoleon never even enters the picture.

Ka-Pow! [ebook]

Ka-Pow! from Timid Pirate Publishing

Ka-Pow! is a collection of fiction and non-fiction superhero tales produced to raise money for the Foundation for Sustainable Development. I worked with Timid Pirate Publishing to put together this star-studded anthology at a critical time in which superheroes are taking over screen, stage and page, and even walking among us on fully-costumed patrols. There are contributions from established and new fiction writers (Erin Parker, Vincent Truman, Meg Tuite, Bud Smith, and Matthew Guerruckey to name a few), teachers (Wendy Kennar and David S. Wills), real-life superheroes (SkyMan, Phoenix Jones, and Thanatos Necrium to name a few), an excerpt from journalist Tea Krulos’ Heroes in the Night, and more!

Uno Kudo: Volume 3

 Uno Kudo Volume 3 cover

Uno Kudo is a literary and arts publication that features significant new words and art from a diverse array of contributors, presented in expressive and luscious layouts. This volume includes literature from Kristine Ong Muslim, Marvin Waldman, Meg Tuite, and Heather Dorn, as well as art from Ramona Zordini, Victor Castillo, Deedee Cheriel, and Jeremy Geddes. This project was lovingly put together with Art Director Erin McParland, Co-Editor-in-Chief Bud Smith, and many others, and the proceeds will go to a worthy charity organization!

Super [iPad version]

Super, a novel from Emergency Press

The iPad version of my novel, Super (published by Emergency Press), is the same as the original novel except that it’s been highly enhanced with interactive features (like quizzes and infographics), color images, links to supplemental web content and freebies, and more! Preview the iPad version here.

In Case I Die [ebook]

In Case I Die at Amazon

These are the things that I want to tell you, just in case I die.

In this open and honest mini-memoir, I share the strangest things that have ever happened to me. I’ve seen glowing balls of energy in my bedroom. I’ve successfully communicated with spiders. A god once told me of its existence. And I’ve even become a sort of god myself (though only for a limited period of time).

Spam and Elephants [ebook]

Spam and Elephants at Amazon

In this collection of quirky, short works by me:

  • A pilot-in-training has a better chance of relationship success when he teams up with his future self.
  • A woman’s relationships are strained because her brother inexplicably vanished into thin air when she was young.
  • A struggling reviewer reviews people who walk by his window.
  • A time traveler deals with the guilt of being at fault for his father’s death in another time line.
  • In the near future spam is legalized and becomes the dominant form of communication.
  • And more!

Adventures of Dogboy [ebook]

Adventures of Dogboy cover by Charlie Potter

Dogboy is a hero of the 21st century.

He gets groceries, helps people figure out what bus they need, and recycles. He lives a life of thrilling adventure despite the fact that he is not a spy, celebrity, or race car driver.

This collection of short Dogboy adventures includes over 30 illustrations by Charlie Potter and guest stories written by Carwin Biloquist, Daniel Foster, Jason Radigan, and Dr. Tausch.

Works Not Released On Time: 3

  1. okay cool ha ha [ebook] – A project wherein a small team of individuals will use a tiny weekend of their lives to solve a problem (or more). This project was tested in 2013 but we’ll complete it in 2014.
  2. Married [ebook] – A book about the small things related to being married that no one talks about.
  3. [A project to be named soon]

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