Just the War, Just the Peace: Tolstoy’s Famous Work Separated at Last

While I was working on splitting Tolstoy’s War and Peace into the two separate books, Just the War, and Just the Peace, I would occasionally tell people what I was up to, and most people would laugh and think it was a joke. And it was a joke! A very funny one, too! But I didn’t let that stop me from actually doing it. Just the War, Just the Peace is now available from Emergency Press. Both volumes are sold in one simple ebook, in most of the major ebook formats (Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble–I believe Google is coming soon). At $0.99, it’s a bargain!

Just the War, Just the Peace


And it’s an amazingly fun way to experience Tolstoy’s most famous work. Take it from Sean Beaudoin, who was kind enough to write me a blurb:

“Possibly one of the greatest ideas in the history of never-realized ideas, Aaron Dietz’s dual-volume Just the War and Just the Peace has the clear advantage of actually existing. The notion of dividing Tolstoy’s epic novel into the twin sisters of Skirmish and Tranquility (which it’s now clear they have always secretly wanted to be) is so inspired that it’s difficult to believe Donald Barthelme or Robert Coover didn’t think of it first. Let alone Lester Bangs. I laughed at the ingenuity and sheer stones on display all the way through, beyond pleased that I didn’t read the divided set of Cliff’s Notes instead. But don’t be fooled, the literary value of this project is unmeasured, and will no doubt be recognized as soon as it hits shelves. Will Dietz separate The Naked from The Dead for an encore? Or partition Punishment from Crime? No matter: here is the nexus where princes and cannons and ardently whispered patronymics meet brute technology. They are conjoined no longer. And it is to the benefit of us all.”

— Sean Beaudoin, author of The Infects and Wise Young Fool

Thanks to 12 in 12 Art Director Charlie Potter for the usual fantastic cover!

2 thoughts on “Just the War, Just the Peace: Tolstoy’s Famous Work Separated at Last

  • January 13, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Isn’t combining them into one ebook counter to separating the ideas? You confuse me once again!

  • January 13, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Well, they’re still kept separate within the one volume…and this way you get both for one low price! Or something–I am fine with either presentation of the material (together or separate) but this is the way the publisher and distributor wanted to go. Totally fine with me!

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