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During the initial three months of Super promotion, the fabulous Super Action Team helped me promote Super by posting links to all the amazing things we created: free additional materials and fun things related to the book.

I wanted to post a list of all the impressive things here, because they’re really amazing, and a lot of people worked very hard to create them. So here is the Great Super Action Team Compendium of Super Links:

The Super Release Party video, with over 50 superheroes at a lovely bar called The Hideout

A quirky Super trailer, created by the team behind Crash Film School

A free chapter of Super, printable on a single sheet of paper that you can fold up into a booklet

Free Super mobile phone backgrounds and desktop backgrounds, as well as other Super images free to use for non-commercial purposes, created by Super book designer Charlie Potter

A Superhero Romance: an excerpt of Super, posted at

A Superhero Name and Costume planning sheet, from the book to digital form, where you can see others’ responses

A Super Mash-Up video, with over 20 fan contributions, and put together by Vincent Truman

A Superhero Pub Crawl event, with over 60 superheroes in attendance, and a lot of media coverage

An author ride-along with real life superheroes Phoenix Jones and Black Knight, wherein I got to see them make a citizen’s arrest of someone trying to break into a vehicle – thanks to the folks behind Citizen Heroes who made this happen!

And of course, the biggest thing we did for Super was let people read it for free. It’s still available on the Web, starting here, but one additional feature of the Web version is that we added fun videos and other links to some of the pages, including the following:

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