Superhero Pub Crawl in Seattle

The video is finally out for the Superhero Pub Crawl that took place in Seattle this past February.

Never before have I been around so many cameras and media documentation. Pretty amazing! Thanks to Arianne Garden Vazquez from Crash Film School and to Chris Hammersley for this excellent video production!

The Superhero Pub Crawl was a team-up with the play group Team of Heroes. The entire event was webcast live, and at you can watch all of the recorded segments of the Superhero Pub Crawl. The event even made it into Seattle Weekly’s slideshow, thanks to the lovely photography of Stephen Giang.

Team of Heroes posing with Aaron Dietz

If you’re not familiar with Team of Heroes, please check out the Team of Heroes Facebook page. They are heroes from a universe pretty similar to ours, and they might be coming to a theater near you. Plus, they have really great costumes. That’s them, up there, posing with me.

There were other great costumes, too. Like the following:

Great costumes at the Superhero Pub Crawl

Everyone had a lot of fun and no one got carried away. I did get picked up, though.

Wonder Woman holding Aaron Dietz in her arms with her super strength

There were many, many highlights of the evening for me, but a special thrill came in the form of the real life superheroes that joined us. If you don’t know about real life superheroes, you may want to catch up by reading Superheroes Are Real at the Nervous Breakdown.

Below is an image of real life superheroes Blue Sparrow and Black Knight exiting Harlow’s in a very cool walk. Don’t they look badass?

Blue Sparrow and Black Knight leaving Harlowe's

Not only are they badass, they also impressed me as people who are extremely good citizens of the world. I was already a fan, but now I’m a big fan.

Super book designer Charlie Potter also enjoyed their company. In the photo below, he’s showing a few favorite pages of the book to Blue Sparrow. Is it my wildest dream to have real life superheroes become familiar with my book? Yes. It is.

Super book designer Charlie Potter shows real life superhero Blue Sparrow a few favorite pages of the book

I had heard that Black Knight and Blue Sparrow might drop by, but I never predicted that Phoenix Jones was going to make it. Phoenix Jones has been making international headlines as a real life superhero in Seattle. It was an unexpected honor for him to come to the event. He gave hugs, shook hands, and gave a lot of his valuable time to talk to everyone that wanted to speak with him.

Phoenix Jones talks with Aaron Dietz

Note: Yes that is a copy of Super in his utility belt, which could be the definition of the best thing ever.

Phoenix Jones is a very articulate speaker and an expressive, caring person. It was amazing to meet him and the other real life superheroes. They all struck me as impressive examples of human beings, and I was inspired by their grace.

The primary point of this pub crawl was to celebrate superhero lore. To have living embodiments of superhero literature at the event made it that much more spectacular. I’m looking forward to the next time we meet….

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