Super: Page 221

Super: Page 221

Specific and extra thanks are due to the following people, and probably others whom I’ve missed and forgotten to thank.

Pei – I couldn’t have gotten to this specific part of the Universe without your help over the last three years. Thank you.

Bryan Tomasovich, Managing Editor of Emergency Press – Thank you for pushing me to make this book the best book possible, and for supporting me and what I wanted to do with the book even though it meant the book would take more time and effort to produce.

Charlie Potter, book designer – Thank you for all the extra energy you put into designing the book. You read my mind a billion times and delivered exactly what the book needed. When there was a great amount of flexibility in what you could have designed, you went all out and didn’t shortchange on quality. Thanks, too, for all the extra work producing assets for us to help promote the book.

Kristin Mullin Bakken, guest book designer – Your guest-designed pieces are fabulous and Alabaster Wight’s handwriting is clearly Alabaster. Thank you. Thanks, too, for the Alabaster Wight font. I enjoy being able to type in his script.

Tom Hansen and Lauren Hoffman – Thank you for being there as a guest reader at the book release party. I’m in awe of your work and your talent. I look forward to reading more of it.

My Parents – Thank you for supporting me through all these years. Thanks, also, for helping me with the book release. The event wouldn’t really have happened if you hadn’t hopped on a plane and helped me prepare for two or three days ahead of time. I’m amazed and honored. Thank you!

My Sisters – Thank you. You’re the best, most supportive sisters in the world, and thanks for not being too annoyed that I’ve been the worst uncle and brother during the years I put into working on this book.

Arianne Garden Vazquez and Chris Hammersley – Thank you for the incredible videos you produced for Super. And for all of the ideas! What we left on the cutting room floor of the publicity planning process would have filled a world with incredibly rich entertainment. I’m so happy about the quality of these videos and the excitement you helped generate with them. I look forward to seeing what Crash Film School does in the future!

The Costuming Team (My Parents, Olivia Emery, Birch Frost, Arianne Garden Vazquez, and many others) – We got over 50 people costumed for the Super Release Party, and we did it again for the Superhero Pub Crawl. Well done. Thank you!

Shawn Kilburn – Thank you for the web site set-up. It’s a web site that works, is easy to use, and is easy to modify when I need to. Love it! I had no time at all in my schedule to get this working in time for the book’s release, so you were indeed a savior.

Morgan Keuler, Matthew Casey, and Kymberlee Della Luce – Thank you for your brilliant photos. I’m honored you’d donate your time and skills to help me out, and I was especially happy with your documentation of one of the most important times of my life. Thank you!

Kymberlee Della Luce – Thank you for all your forms of support, but most of all your positive vibe that you share with me every time I see you. I can tell I’m loved.

Writer’s Groups and Manuscript Readers – Thank you to all the people in my writer’s groups, as well as those who made comments on the manuscript at various points in time. Thanks for helping to improve this book!

The Super Action Team – Whenever we did something cool to promote the book, like give away free stuff or hold an awesome event, you were there. And people knew about what we were doing because you took the time to share this information with your network. I’m honored. Thank you!

Heidi Charton – Thank you for being there for me whenever I need a toast. The next book will be out sooner than you think, so start working on that next toast anytime.

To produce your own copy of the book, print each page, and see the Super binding instructions (for personal use only–you may not sell or distribute copies of this content).

Super is a novel written by Aaron Dietz, designed by Charlie Potter, and published by Emergency Press. Buy a copy of Super on Amazon (also available on many other sites).

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