Super: The Difference Between the Movie and the Book

Here are some tips for telling the difference between my novel, Super, and the movie, Super, which I’m sure will be making its way to people’s Netflix queues soon (see the trailer here).

1. Is Rainn Wilson in it? It’s the movie.

2. Do you get to take a Scantron-style test at the end of each chapter? It’s the book.

3. Does it feature Ellen Page doing inappropriate things in a superhero costume? It’s the movie.

4. Are there stick figure drawings in it? It’s probably the book.

5. Does it have that guy from Firefly in it? It’s the movie.

6. Can a small part of it be downloaded, printed out, and then folded up into a nifty booklet? It’s the book.

7. Does it explore the realm of superheroes who are possibly mentally unfit? It could be either.

8. Does it feature a superhero whose main weapon is a wrench? It’s the movie.

9. Does it feature a letter from a time traveling superhero whose name cannot be divulged without blowing up the planet? It’s the book.

10. Does it have Kevin Bacon in it? Oh, come on. That doesn’t narrow anything down at all….

11. Does it feature Joe Pesci playing a terrible superintendent of a veritable slum who is sentenced to live in his own building for six months? That’s The Super. And Joe Pesci is not granted any super powers during this movie.

12. Does it have a dream within a dream within a dream? That’s Inception! Now you’re not even trying!

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