Super, a novel by Aaron Dietz from Emergency Press

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I’m giving away 5 copies of Super on If you have a profile on the site (it’s free to sign up), just click Enter to Win and follow the directions. If you don’t have an account, and you like books, I recommend it. It’s a great way to find books to read, or even just to document what you have read so you don’t forget and re-read it by accident down the road. I wish I had started keeping track a long time ago. 🙂

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Super by Aaron Dietz


by Aaron Dietz

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In Case We Die Anthology: Seeking Submissions

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I’m looking for submissions for In Case We Die, a project I’m working on with Unknown Press. This is meant to extend the conversation I was attempting to get started with In Case I Die, which was a frank summary of all the strange and unexplainable things that happened to me. The general idea is that we don’t talk about the unexplained things that have happened to us, and therefore we are completely in the dark about how often those things happen, which leaves us with a disappointingly unexciting view of the universe that is also not accurate.

In In Case We Die, Bud Smith and I will be curating and editing submissions from others who wish to share their strange stories. The result will hopefully be that we all get a better sense about what is truly normal. Because perhaps the worst thing we could do as humans is pretend that the world is more normal than it is or withhold information that could shatter that sense of normalcy. And the submitters to this anthology, I’m guessing, will appreciate the chance to do their part, before it’s too late.

Submission details:

Essentially send your works to by 4/30/2015. Don’t worry too much about any other rules or specifications.

In Case We Die Anthology submission details

Post a Review, Get a Free Ebook

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Now through February 14, if you post a review of any of the 12 in 12 books (listed below) on Amazon,, or any other site where they sell the book, you can get another of the 12 in 12 titles for free!*

Thanks to Emergency Press and Timid Pirate for allowing us to include their titles in this promotion!

The books you have to choose from are below:

  • The Minute (Kindle)
  • Just the War, Just the Peace (Kindle), published by Emergency Press
  • Ka-Pow! (Kindle), published by Timid Pirate Publishing
  • Uno Kudo: Volume 3 (ebook)
  • Super (iPad version), published by Emergency Press
  • In Case I Die (Kindle)
  • Spam and Elephants (Kindle)
  • Adventures of Dogboy (Kindle)

*This offer is limited to digital copies only, sent to you through email.

Just the War, Just the Peace: Tolstoy’s Famous Work Separated at Last

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While I was working on splitting Tolstoy’s War and Peace into the two separate books, Just the War, and Just the Peace, I would occasionally tell people what I was up to, and most people would laugh and think it was a joke. And it was a joke! A very funny one, too! But I didn’t let that stop me from actually doing it. Just the War, Just the Peace is now available from Emergency Press. Both volumes are sold in one simple ebook, in most of the major ebook formats (Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble–I believe Google is coming soon). At $0.99, it’s a bargain!

Just the War, Just the Peace


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Super Action Links

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During the initial three months of Super promotion, the fabulous Super Action Team helped me promote Super by posting links to all the amazing things we created: free additional materials and fun things related to the book.

I wanted to post a list of all the impressive things here, because they’re really amazing, and a lot of people worked very hard to create them. So here is the Great Super Action Team Compendium of Super Links: Read the rest of this entry »

Superhero Pub Crawl in Seattle

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The video is finally out for the Superhero Pub Crawl that took place in Seattle this past February.

Never before have I been around so many cameras and media documentation. Pretty amazing! Thanks to Arianne Garden Vazquez from Crash Film School and to Chris Hammersley for this excellent video production! Read the rest of this entry »

Free Chapter from My Novel, Super

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First, download a free chapter from my novel, Super. Then, print it out (it’s one sheet of paper). Next, follow the instructions below to fold it up into a booklet.

If you’re in Seattle on Tuesday, November 9, stop by the book release party. If you don’t show up in costume, we’ll turn you into a Superhero on the spot! It’s at The Hideout, at 8pm

Become a Superhero!

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At the Book Release Party for Super on November 9, guests will walk in and be transformed into a Superhero with complimentary capes, Superhero logos, masks, and more!

If you’re not able to make it to the book release party, there are still many ways in which you, too, can experience a transition into a Superhero lifestyle!

1. Turn your phone into a Super phone by downloading a Super mobile phone background image, designed by Super book designer Charlie Potter.

2. Turn your computer into a Super computer by downloading a Super desktop background, also designed by Charlie Potter.

3. Photoshop images of your own by adding the Super logo and other official designs to your images. Download a set of Super assets here (for personal use only–you may not sell or distribute works made with these assets). Here’s a low-resolution preview of the assets:

Just putting the logo on a sign is hilarious enough (see example 1 and example 2), but the following is an example of someone going way overboard (in a delightfully positive way):

Words and Phrases that Get Me Hot

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Federal Trade Commission

Pilot Books


“In fact, as the result plainly proves, he needed the assistance and
support of staunch and true friends, upon whose courage, coolness and
fidelity he could depend in case of an emergency.”

American Junkie



Tom Hansen

P.S. Tom Hansen’s making a rare public appearance tonight at Pilot Books for the release of American Junkie, an excellent, honest, and captivating book. 7pm, for those in Seattle that can make it. I’ll be there!

Here’s what American Junkie is about in Star Wars language: There is no mysterious “Force” in the galaxy (yet Darth Vader is still around, and just as deadly). This book is Luke’s journey toward facing Vader, anyway, without the Force. Or a lightsaber. Also, Luke doesn’t whine all the time.

Is Anyone Out There Actually Having a Windows 7 Launch Party?

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Background: Microsoft’s Windows 7 promotion is centered around convincing people to host a Windows 7 launch party. You can find out more about that by watching this video and trying not to throw up.

Scary Observation: Supposedly, people are doing this. In fact, according to a regional Windows 7 launch party map, there are easily over 10,000 people hosting parties in the United States, alone.

Hypothesis #1: The number of parties is a highly fabricated number.

The Scant Evidence: As Windows XP pretty much made Vista obsolete, I’m having trouble believing there are that many people interested in Windows 7.

Hypothesis #2: A large number of the comments left on this page were actually left by Microsoft marketing personnel.

The Scant Evidence: There just aren’t enough typos on the comments page. I find it hard to believe that Windows fans have an higher-than-average rate of typing and grammatical accuracy.

The Request: If you are hosting a Windows 7 launch party or if you know someone who is, give me details! I want to know everything–like, why? Was it for the “party pack”? Do you love Windows? Was it an excuse to try out a new operating system so you figured, why not? I will respond with non-judgmental interest. I only want to know more.