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I can do nothing!

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So I saw this guy sitting on some steps the other day, and I was like, “Huh. Wonder what he’s doing?”

And then I realized what it was–he was doing nothing!

I totally want to try that someday. It looks awesome!

Words and Phrases that Get Me Hot

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Federal Trade Commission

Pilot Books


“In fact, as the result plainly proves, he needed the assistance and
support of staunch and true friends, upon whose courage, coolness and
fidelity he could depend in case of an emergency.”

American Junkie



Tom Hansen

P.S. Tom Hansen’s making a rare public appearance tonight at Pilot Books for the release of American Junkie, an excellent, honest, and captivating book. 7pm, for those in Seattle that can make it. I’ll be there!

Here’s what American Junkie is about in Star Wars language: There is no mysterious “Force” in the galaxy (yet Darth Vader is still around, and just as deadly). This book is Luke’s journey toward facing Vader, anyway, without the Force. Or a lightsaber. Also, Luke doesn’t whine all the time.

Sometimes Motive is Obvious

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Worried? Stressed out? Depressed? Don’t just read the book. You have to buy it.


How to Write Online

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Short sentences are good. Short paragraphs are good, too. End them quickly.

On Passing a Health Care Plan

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The Obama administration feels it’s necessary to dump the public health care option in an effort to pass the current health care plan.

Perhaps instead they should just tell everyone they’ve removed the Death Panel section, the part about forcing everyone to use the government option, the bit about Soviet-style rationing, the section on cutting Medicare, and the part of the plan that allows tiny ants to control your brain like a video game.

That would make more sense to me.


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That’s all, really. I just liked the title for some reason.

The Internet Inspires Mass Noncommunication: A Solution

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The Internet’s implicit encouragement of bad spelling and vapid sloganizing has run rampant to the point of mass noncommunication.

Solution: No one cares.

Prblem sovled KOL!

One Thing I Learned from Star Wars

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If you go into a cave, and Darth Vader comes out of the darkness, it’s okay to slice Darth’s head off, because it’s probably just a clone of you dressed up as Darth, and your clone sucks at sword fighting, so–easily done.

And the Dry Cleaner of the Year Award goes to…

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Someone at the dry cleaner was bored and had a sense of humor.

Does this make it dry humor?

Roadnotes: Taipei to Wu-Fong

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The following is based on events that occurred on May 21.

I’m in the car with the sweetheart. We haven’t seen each other in over two months and there’s absolutely no weirdness.

“So,” I say, “is it really foggy or is all that pollution?”

“Pollution,” she says.

Even so, it’s quite pretty.