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Bellesouth Talks Unemployment, Godliness, and How to Become a Paid Blogger

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I’ve known Eleanor Evans of Bellesouth since 2005 through the social networking site known as MySpace and other social networking sites. Over just a few short years, she’s actually figured out how to make money at blogging, a fact I am in awe of. She was also a strong member of the Super Action Team, a group of amazing marketers and social networking gurus who volunteered to help me promote my novel, Super.

It is with great pleasure that I present an interview with Bellesouth’s industrious and brilliant creator, Eleanor Evans, in which she answers critical questions about unemployment, godliness, and how to become a paid blogger.

Aaron Dietz: When we first communicated about doing an interview you said something about pretending it’s a Barbara Walters Special, so I watched some of those to prepare. And if I may, I’d like to steal some questions from her, starting with the following:

At one point I heard that you thought you might do a show like The View. Is that true?* Read the rest of this entry »

Super Mash-Up 1

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Vincent Truman created this mash-up of performances based on or in support of Super. The original performances came from civilians and superheroes from all over the world who wanted to support the book.

I can’t thank Vincent enough, especially as he was only hours off of his fantastic project, The Observatory, when he started putting this video together (a DVD of his recent play will soon be available in case you didn’t catch it in Chicago).

It’s been hinted that Vincent Truman may even do another of these Super Mash-Ups, so if you’re interested in contributing content, contact for details or just post a YouTube video based on Super and send me the link.

The Good Thing About Getting Older

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The good thing about getting older is that there is less weirdness and fewer surprises.

Less Weirdness

You hug a friend in a train station in a city where you’ve never seen each other before. It’s not weird, because heck, by this time, you can’t even remember where you knew each other from anyway.

Fewer Surprises

There are fewer surprises because your memory is absent.

Oil spill? No surprise there–you’re not really sure if it’s a new one or the same one from before.

Ear buds not working in one ear? You’ve probably just gone deaf in one ear and forgot that you went deaf. Clearly nothing to worry about.

Aliens abducting you? For all you know, it happens every night. Why worry?

One Last Unrelated Thing

Go equality.

Art Exhibits that don’t Exist that I’d Like to Go to

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Perspective Drawings of Environments near Black Holes

Photographs of Missing LEGO Bricks

Stalwart Displays of Loyalty Expressed only in Song and Locally-Grown Produce

Brand New Works by Aaron’s Favorite Artists, Living or Dead

Spontaneous Art Created Right Now While You’re Watching, Using Your Limbs without Detaching or Hurting Them

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On Passing a Health Care Plan

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The Obama administration feels it’s necessary to dump the public health care option in an effort to pass the current health care plan.

Perhaps instead they should just tell everyone they’ve removed the Death Panel section, the part about forcing everyone to use the government option, the bit about Soviet-style rationing, the section on cutting Medicare, and the part of the plan that allows tiny ants to control your brain like a video game.

That would make more sense to me.


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That’s all, really. I just liked the title for some reason.

A Gentleman Talked to Me About Something

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So, I’m headed out to lunch with a friend, but the friend needs to use the restroom first, and he asks if I’ll hold his book.

“Sure,” I say. The book is called Cyber America.

I stand outside the restroom and people walk by and this guy in a torpedo jacket comes walking up.

He says, “Is that, like, about a horse named America?”

I look at the book.

“Um. No,” I say.

“Because I had a horse named America once.”

I don’t say anything.

“When I was a kid,” he explains, “we didn’t have all this techno-babble. It was just horses and guns. And corn.”

“Oh. Yeah. Well, that makes sense.”

“You must be a writer,” he says.

“Yeah, actually, I am.”

“What do you write?”

“E-mail, mostly. Sometimes a real letter. Occasionally, I sign stuff, like credit card receipts. That kind of thing.”

He points at a random, moving spot on my chest. “A real funny guy, huh? Your kind will last longer than the filthy cockroaches.”

And then he decides to catch the elevator.

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Guess What I was Googling: A Game!

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The Challenge: Guess what I typed into a Google Image Search to find the following image.

Hint: Four words.

Clue: I did not find what I wanted.

3 Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged Much Lately

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1. I’ve been too worried about my vast investment portfolio.

2. I’m really you, and let’s face it, you’ve been lazy, lately.

3. One cannot blog, for the blog has already been blogged, and always will have been. Also, I’ve been writing a book.

Random Statements

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Does the player rule the world?

What can you do to assign yourself a muffin?

A student wants to demonstrate fallopian inheritance.

If a court decides you are violating the copyright of a dog, it is time to run.

A student describes the underpinnings of societal mores.

The lines are triumphant.

Follow these steps if your computer is not behaving well.

When in doubt, it’s best to organize the pottery.

Add a tourniquet.

What should the band do to make her feel better about the blues?

There are many more heavens than are dreamt of in your cupboard, Horatio.

Viruses hunt for dogs.